Hey, you still there?

I feel as though I haven’t posted in a while (well, that’s not true if you count Sheryl Sandberg video #3459085 from Monday as a post, but I digress…).

This week has been crazy, but I am glad it is over. Just wrapped my summer session, and I’m not taking any classes until August! It feels great – I really could use the six-week break. Managerial accounting and business communications, I will not miss you, but I learned a lot. I have also determined that I do not think weekend classes will ever find themselves in my course schedule again. Taking a break during the week really is important. …Perhaps a Saturday class, but not a Saturday/Sunday class. No. Never again. Nooooope.

On a serious note, I want to make a quick mention about the start of The MBA Tour. I found this tour to be very helpful in my research and application process. Please share this tour with anyone you know that may be interested in getting their MBA!

Here’s the tour schedule – find more information about the tour HERE:
23 July 2011      New York
24 July 2011      Washington DC
26 July 2011      Boston
28 July 2011      Atlanta
30 July 2011      San Francisco
31 July 2011      Los Angeles
2 Aug 2011        Chicago
4 Aug 2011        Houston

As always, hope this finds you well, and I hope you are having a great weekend!


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  1. 22 July 2011

    […] on taking advantage of their offer to give feedback. NYU ’13 MBAChic reminded readers of the value attending MBA tour events can have on their application process.  Johnson ’13 Ellipser celebrated his New York City […]

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