MBA competition: make the best use of what is in your power

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Earlier today, the WSJ published an article describing how 2021 MBA competition will be fierce; this application cycle will be the “most competitive year ever.”

As that notification popped up, this pink block was going up on Instagram:

pink quote block: make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens

What timing?

In short, please don’t let this story freak you out. We’ve discussed at length the impact economic uncertainty has on business school applications and the opportunities it creates:

When the economy 📉, MBA applications 📈.

As Epictetus says, make the best use of what is in your power:

  • get crystal clear on your why (don’t rush the reflection and introspection – it’s a worthy exercise even if you wind up deciding business school isn’t for you)
  • find the right GMAT/GRE/EA preparation method for you, and commit to it (watch Bri’s #MBAchicTakeover to hear how she figured this out); prepare for the exam as you have anything else that is important to you, but do not obsess
  • prepare the best possible application you can (this is where your “why” comes in, where you tell your story and share your experiences and why you’d be a great fit for a program, and where you choose recommenders to help you really shine)
  • submit your application as soon as it’s ready to go; getting it in early will help you particularly when seeking scholarship funds
  • read our 100+ articles sharing advice, experiences and more (MBAchic/bschool) and check out the ‘applications’ Instagram Story Highlight

And take the rest [of the MBA competition] as it happens:

  • MBA application cycles are always stressful, if headlines are going to make it worse, avoid reading and stay the course
  • business schools are still focusing on reaching gender parity in programs – that’s not to say that things aren’t going to be competitive, but there absolutely *is* a place for you somewhere; stick with your goals, go watch the entire #MBAchicTakeover series, and read all of our guest posts on bschool
  • connect with other people who have been where you are, or who are in your shoes today (you’re in the right place; sign up for our member site, comment on articles here, and find us on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn)

You likely set your goal of business school before you read this article. Do not let it shake you, do not let it freak you out. Make the best use of what is in your power (get it together and give it your all), and take the MBA competition and rest of the process as it happens. You’re not alone in this; think of how great the other side of this [and bschool Day 1] will feel.

Sending you good vibes and good luck!

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