Some Quick Housekeeping

Hey there!

Been a while, huh? I just wanted to make a quick post to address some questions/concerns some of you have.

Some of you are asking about more Keep It MBAchic posts… I am so glad they are helpful! More are definitely on the way. Any requests? Bring ’em on.

Some of you have asked about writing for MBAchic after seeing how cool Rachel’s guest blog was. Well, come on down! This blog is not meant for me to simply ramble on about my experiences. I want to hear what you are going through as you try to balance it all – and I am almost positive I am not the only one.

Also, some ask if I will be posting to a regular schedule… I cannot commit to a schedule right now, but I really just let it flow and write more when I can. This blog is a creative outlet- really, it’s like a diary – a shared diary, I hope – and I am just having fun sharing with and learning from everyone else out there.

The BEST and really, truly, the NICEST thing you can do is to subscribe to this blog. Type in your name up there, a little to the right, and SUBSCRIBE to MBAchic. That way, you always get an immediate email when the next post goes up, and I get an idea of who actually reads this stuff!

…Following on Twitter (@MBAchic) or liking on Facebook are great, too. Why not do it all?!?

Anyway, hope you are reading this as you get some fun weekend plans together for this Fourth of July… International readers, if you are out there: have a great, regular, fun weekend.

Hope to hear from you (even when it is just a quick line to say hi)!


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