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Some suggestions:
  • Write a news article or Op/Ed on a topic that interests or impacts our audience
  • Interview a classmate, colleague, professor or industry leader for a profile
  • Tell us about your MBA application process or GMAT / GRE / EA prep and offer your lessons and advice
  • Share your business school experience or your career and/or entrepreneurial journey
  • Introduce or teach our audience about the field you study or work in and the industry’s future
  • Discuss the markets, industry news, or offer your analysis of world events (or the state of business education)
  • Offer advice to MBA students interviewing during recruiting season
  • Discuss your experiences as an MBA spouse or partner
  • Talk office fashion or how to dress for work / school occasions #keepitMBAchic
  • Provide career advice for the different stages and situations in our careers
  • Share your book review and/or podcast recommendations¬†
  • Pitch an idea to our team!

Please check out our guidelines and find the link to submit contributions directly, or get in touch to kick things off.
New formats & projects launching, so be sure to get in touch. 

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If a request is time-sensitive, please note that in your submission.

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