MBAchic Editorial Guidelines

MBAchic Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines to consider prior to submitting your work

MBAchic is geared towards smart, saavy professionals and MBAs, and we look for well-written, high-quality material from our contributors. Our readers are educated, stylish and goal-oriented, and we aim to deliver content that educates, informs, entertains and/or inspires — content our audience will appreciate and share with friends and colleagues.

Please read the following editorial guidelines before submitting an article for consideration.

Your post must be original and must never have been published before. A good rule-of-thumb is to aim for 600 to 1,000 words while breaking up the piece into sections (with subheadings) — that will help the reader follow along and keep them engaged.

  • You do not need to be an MBA, but content should resonate with a global audience of MBAs and professionals. Read MBAchic (and these guidelines in full) before submitting to understand style and tone (think WSJ, Financial Times, Vogue, etc)
  • Please link to all sources, studies, research and statistics / facts that you mention in your post.
  • Use high-resolution images. We reserve the right to reject or replace the image if it is offensive or does not fit the design of the site. If your post requires more than one picture (ex., a Keep it MBAchic piece), let us know and feel free to include within the submitted text. Cover photo is uploaded first, in 16:9 format.
  • Please revise, edit and proofread before submitting. We will likely propose SEO-driven edits, to reach the largest possible audience for your piece.
  • For your byline, please provide a small bio/blurb about yourself. It can be up to 200 words (no more than three links — feel free to duplicate it at the end of your post text). Be creative and feel free to add some personality! Please also provide a headshot to use (in 1:1 format)
  • If accepted, your post (including extracts/previews/samples), can be used (we will always give you credit) elsewhere in MBAchic products / services, on social, with our syndication partners (see About), etc…
  • MBAchic reserves the right to reject pieces that do not follow guidelines. If a guest post is found to be out of line (ex. plagiarism), we may remove the post entirely. Please be kind to the other authors out there!

Thank you for your submission. Please reach out with any questions!