Future MBA Ladies: Pencil This In!

Forte Forum

What are you doing this September? Studying to kick butt on the GMAT? Maybe figuring out who will write you the absolutely, positively, most superb recommendation letter on Earth? Well, add this one to the list: attend Forté Foundation’s 2011 Forum: Inspiration, Opportunity and the MBA. Register online for free admission (or pay $5 at the door), and learn more about the MBA, hear from MBA ladies, meet fellow potential MBAs in your area and very important: meet representatives from top MBA programs. Be sure to bring questions, a great professional outfit (Keep It MBAchic) and a great attitude.

Here’s the schedule (note: events are planned for 6-9pm, so you can go after work!):

September 13 Los Angeles
September 14 San Francisco
September 15 Houston
September 19 New York I
September 20 New York II
September 26 Atlanta
September 27 Washington, DC
September 28 Boston
September 29 Chicago
October 4 London

Have you ever attended the Forté Forum in your town? What was your experience?

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