DVF’s Women’s History Collaboration with Ashley Longshore

This weekend, I was out with friends in New York, when I popped in to Diane von Furstenberg’s store in the Meatpacking District (874 Washington Street, NY, NY). I’d seen some of the portraits online, and across Instagram but somehow didn’t realize what I was walking into… DVF commissioned a Women’s History Collaboration with Ashley Longshore, and it is incredibly powerful to see in person.

“Fear is not an option”
DVF Collaboration with Ashley Longshore
DVF Women’s History Collaboration
with Ashley Longshore

After meeting Ashley Longshore over tea in London, DVF commissioned her to create 40 portraits of inspiring and powerful women as curated by DVF. When you walk in, you’ll see the pictured description to your left, giving some background on Ashley Longshore, her art and the women’s history collaboration featuring “iconic women who changed the course of history.” You’ll step down into a room that has three walls (and a storefront window) covered in vibrant, punchy portraits of trailblazing women (and they’re also larger than life: some are 9 x 6 feet large); also you’ll see the phrase, “Fear is not an option,” throughout the room, on the window and on canvas.

Taking it all in

Standing in that room, my friend and I were taking in (and taking pictures of) all that we could. Almost every one of the women were also dressed by Longshore in an iconic DVF ensemble. The portraits are still hanging, and also for sale (ranging from $7,000 to $46,000). From Oprah Winfrey to Mother Theresa, Michelle Obama to Malala Yousafzai, Whitney Wolfe Herd to Rosa Parks, and Amelia Earhart to Maya Angelou, everywhere you turn, there’s another icon, whose story and actions have truly changed the world. It’s inspiring, empowering, and so damn cool to look at (click to expand each image).

If you happen to be in NYC, I highly recommend taking a trip over to the west side, and popping in to see the show (and obviously, to check out the latest from DVF). This Women’s History Collaboration is truly iconic.

Have you had a chance to check out the collection? Tag us in your shots on IG! Would love to share. Who was your favorite portrait? Would love for you to share your own story about how one of these women have inspired you. Have you checked out Ashley Longshore (@ashleylongshoreart) on Instagram? Her art is vibrant, punchy/energetic and fun – definitely recommend following!

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