Keep it MBAchic: best tote bags for work

best tote bags for work

Let’s talk about the best tote bags for work that you (and your laptop) will love. We all have our vices when it comes to accessories: some love shoes, some love scarves, we love handbags. It’s hard to believe we haven’t touched on this much (except for some fun crowdsourcing on social), but it’s also not that hard to believe, because it’s hard to whittle down to a few favorites. So, we’re sharing eleven (okay, twelve) work totes that are current favorites. They’re stylish, polished and roomy enough to fit a laptop — and there are options for every budget. Let’s keep this short and get into the bags…

Keep it MBAchic: best tote bags for work
Senreve Voya Tote

The Senreve Voya Tote comes in six colors. The more time I spend looking at Senreve bags, the closer I get to purchasing, but then I look at the shapes and sizes and colors and really can’t decide (currently loving this and the Maestra in Noir, Aubergine or Merlot). I like the Voya Tote because it easily fits a laptop and has eight other pockets to fit everything else you’re carrying with you.

Also you can sell these on Storr (see the CREAGH Nude bag caption information for more on that).

Louis Vuitton Wilshire Handbag Monogram

This Louis Vuitton Wilshire Handbag Monogram Vernis MM is up on Rebag at almost half of retail. It’s in great condition and I am slightly obsessed with this color right now, so the finish was particularly striking while I searched the Totes section on Rebag. I’m not sure how long this will last but consider this: it’s roughly half price on Rebag, and if you take advantage of Rebag Infinity, you can return the bag within six months and get back 70% of the value (and move on to your next bag). Not an ad, just love the concept.

Keep it MBAchic: best tote bags for work
Dagne Dover Signature

The Dagne Dover Signature Tote comes in nine colors and fits virtually everything (I am talking about the Legend size). Bring your laptop, slide a bottle into the neoprene holder and stow an extra pair of shoes, all in this single bag (I know I’m not the only one with a two-bag minimum when I’m heading to a spin class after work). I don’t own this one but everyone who has it is obsessed with it (the Legend or one step smaller, the Classic size), so I figure it’s worth a try.

Nanushka Big Lynne Convertible Leather Tote

This Nanushka Big Lynne Convertible Leather Tote is not my usual structured tote, but love the lines of this bag. The drawstring closure and shape are decidedly chic but there’s something still so polished about this carryall. The drawstring feature allows you to reshape it, which means you can close the opening for Subway rides and crowded city streets. I’m really into this look.

Keep it MBAchic: best tote bags for work
The Real Real Saint Laurent East West Shopping

This charcoal grey calf leather Saint Laurent East/West Shopping Tote is up on The Real Real at over $100 less than retail, and if you use the promo code REAL you get another 20% off.

Love the classic lines of this bag, the fact that it’s not quite a jet black tote, and how soft the leather looks. And the shoulder drop is large enough to accommodate a really chunky jacket or coat, too.

Creagh Brooklyn CREAGH BK Workbag

The CREAGH workbag is a clean, modern briefcase featuring a leather lined interior, with a padded laptop sleeve, two accordion sleeves, two small pockets and a metro card pocket. It’s no wonder that Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar and Town and Country count it among their top work totes. The only drawback right now is that the grey and black are sold out until next year, and I’m truly torn between those and the Nude option. Come check them out on our Storr, or sell them on your own Storr (the way you can MBAchic merch) and make money in the process – also divert a portion of your proceeds to charity. again… why aren’t you on Storr, yet?

Keep it MBAchic: best tote bags for work
Cuyana Classic Structured Leather

The Cuyana Classic Structured Leather Tote is another certified crowdpleaser. This tote is everywhere and it’s impressive how luxe it still looks, given how much customization is offered. The options start at $195, and there seems to be something for everyone.

My only concern would be that it is deceptively soft, and that security in crowded spaces might be tricky, but I’d just double check you tied the closure straps securely and you should be fine. Really beautiful leather, and everyone who has one seems to really love it.

Kate Spade Margaux Large Leather Tote

The Kate Spade Margaux Large Leather Tote is my current work tote. I fit my laptop and much more than I really should be carrying around without issue. I’ve got it in this gorgeous cherrywood color, and I’m very happy with my purchase. Also, if you purchase right now it’s 30% off. Not sure if that’s the case for all four colors that this tote comes in right now but if you want a classic tote to hold everything you’ve got, certainly give this a shot.

Keep it MBAchic: best tote bags for work
Rebecca Minkoff Stella Large Tote

This luxe, asymmetrical Stella Large Tote by Rebecca Minkoff is deceptively large enough to carry everything you need for the day. Currently on sale for $200 off of regular price, now is the time to grab this beauty in that grey or black leather. Also comes with a matching zippered pouch for your small items; chic, professional, but still giving those downtown RM vibes we love.

FEED Harriet Tote in Russet Lauren Bush Lauren

The Harriet Tote by FEED is something we can truly get behind. Each tote that is priced around $200 will provide 100 meals to children when purchased. Bringing fashion and mindfulness together as you head to the office. This “semi-vegetable tanned leather” tote is part of the Trailblazer colleciton and comes in russet and black.

Keep it MBAchic: best tote bags for work
Everlane Day Market

Another almost cult classic out there is the Everlane Day Market Tote. At under $200 this bag seriously impresses; it is made of premium Italian leather and comes in six different colors. The bag is slightly taller than the Day Square Tote and has room for a change of shoes, a laptop, all of your personal belongings and all of those random things that seem to pile in throughout the day. A super versatile bag that makes sense to add to your closet for whatever might come your way.

MBAchic C-Suite Dreams Tote

Of course this was going to be included. It’s one of our new totes and a portion of our proceeds funds MBA scholarships for women! What’s not to love?

It’s a versatile polyester tote (but anyone who wants to collaborate on an MBAchic leather tote, hit me up, please), and carries up to 44lbs. There’s a large inside pocket and the handles are super comfortable even if you really load it up. Tote this to work/class, to the gym, on the plane, anywhere.

Keep it MBAchic best tote bags for work

What are you carrying to work? Do you prefer to purchase new or do you buy from resellers like Rebag or The Real Real? Share your favorites and tag us online!

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