Keep it MBAchic: WFH looks to break up the sweats

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After weeks of social distancing and rocking the same handful of yoga pants each week, we’re sharing some WFH looks to inspire and freshen things up a bit. Of course this is not to make you feel pressured to buy anything when we’re all trying to be careful with our funds; when we asked on Instagram, we got a surprising number of votes and requests to share some WFH-friendly looks, so here we go.

When figuring out what to wear to the kitchen table or home office, a few things are key… let’s be real, dressing for Zoom only really concerns your top half. Keep things comfortable, work with chic neutrals for the most part, but every now and again, add some interest with a print or detail. Not only will it offer some inspiration for the challenges ahead of you, but adding something new to the rotation will also point out to your coworkers, on some level, that you are, in fact, showering regularly and staying current and on top of things as best you can.

Yes, we’re all stuck in the same spot for weeks, and yes, what’s happening is serious, but we all know the positive impact of dressing up and putting on something that signifies it’s time to get to work every once in a while (you’ve seen us link this piece already). So send us what you’ve been relying on these past few weeks: a new purchase or something you’ve revived from the back of your closet. Reply back and include a link!

Keep it MBAchic: WFH looks to break up the sweats
Saloni Mei top, Shopbop

Right out of the gate we’re working with some color, some print and some detail. The Saloni Mel top is on Shopbop (and still available in limited sizes in solid black). It’s the perfect way to break up the monotonous week and brighten up your Zoom screen.

Universal Standard, Miranda Ponte Blazer

When you’re pressed for time, or really uninspired, throwing on a classic blazer instantly adds polish and professionalism. The notch detail on the neckline of Universal Standard’s Miranda Ponte Blazer is a nice touch and shows up well on camera. Also, it comes in three colors and in sizes 4XS to 4XL (Universal Standard might just be the most inclusive brand on the planet right now).

Keep it MBAchic: WFH looks to break up the sweats
DVF Eva Crepe-Blend Mini Dress

Take advantage of the fact that you’re only being seen from the waist-up, and allow some of your spring-fresh cocktail dresses to perform double-duty. This beautiful Eva Crepe-Blend Mini Dress by DVF is too short for the office but the beautiful print and sleeve and keyhole details are great if you’re heading into a creative meeting or presenting your latest project on Zoom.

FYI: weeks ago we partnered with DVF to host an #InCharge discussion on the power of community in what’ll most-likely be our last live event in NYC this year. Check out the recap here.

Misha Nonoo husband shirt

It’s amazing to see businesses supporting frontline workers, especially female founded brands we love. Misha Nonoo’s limited edition Healthcare Husband Shirt is her classic button-down blouse that seamlessly transitions from the office to the weekend.

Until April 27 (*Update* As of May 4 this campaign is still active), if you purchase the blouse, with a hidden embroidered message in the collar (“Distance, not distant.”), Misha Nonoo is donating $85 to frontline healthcare efforts through the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 response team. Add a chic, sustainable essential to your wardrobe while helping those who are risking it all to keep us safe and healthy.

Keep it MBAchic: WFH looks to break up the sweats
Everlane Washable Silk Wrap Top

Everlane’s Washable Silk Wrap Top is such a versatile, stylish addition to your wardrobe. It looks great, it’s comfortable, it comes in multiple colors, and it. is. washable. Not sure what other information you need here before adding to your cart.

DVF Paloma ruffled mesh midi wrap dress

Another DVF stunner is the Paloma Ruffled Mesh Midi Wrap Dress. It’s got this great print which, if you look closely, resembles tattoo hearts and roses, in an incredibly comfortable fabric. It’s a great print for video calls and is on a massive sale right now, so perfect time to grab it (and of course enjoy the full dress when things get back to “normal”).

Keep it MBAchic: WFH looks to break up the sweats
Argent classic grid plaid vest

Given that spring is finally here, why not switch up the basic blazer with this Classic Grid Plaid Vest by Argent. It comes in white or black, and depending on how formal your office code tends to be, would totally pair this with the Misha Nonoo Healthcare Husband Shirt just shared, or with the sweaters we shared next. Mix it up and maybe grab the pants for when we see our coworkers in person again.

Frame Le Mix balloon sleeve cashmere sweater

It’s hard to go wrong with a chic cashmere sweater with a draped sleeve or cool detail. This Le Mix Balloon Sleeve Cashmere Sweater by Frame is comfortable, casual but still looks put-together. It’s also on a pretty great sale right now.

There’s also a great Draped Sleeve Sweater by Milly, also on sale. If you’ve got time right now, Neiman Marcus has been in the news as they look to potentially restructure, so now is a good time to peek through their ongoing sales.

As the world tries to deal with the impacts of the global coronavirus pandemic and leaders work to determine some kind of roadmap to a return to “normal” life, many of our readers are still plugging along on office work or online classes and we’ve pulled some looks we’ve been loving over the last week or so.

How have you been keeping your wardrobe fresh for work, while dealing with the rest of the obstacles COVID-19 has thrown our way? Let us know in the comments or in our MBAchic Facebook Group. Hope you found some inspiration here, but most of all, hope you’re staying safe and healthy; we’ll get through this.

Keep it MBAchic: WFH looks to break up the sweats
Keep it MBAchic: WFH looks to break up the sweats

Tag us in your #keepitMBAchic shots. If you’re a fashion blogger, consider writing your own Keep it MBAchic piece. Any questions, shoot over a note, and be sure to visit our Pinterest page for daily workwear inspiration.

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