#MBAchicTakeover – Katryna Ton shares a day in the life of a woman in tech and fully-employed MBA at UC Irvine

Katryna Ton

UC Irvine MBA candidate Katryna Ton took over MBAchic’s Instagram to share with us a day in her life as a woman in tech and fully-employed MBA.

Starting her day answering questions from the MBAchic community, Katryna reflected on her MBA and career journey, from why she decided on the MBA to the benefits and most impactful classes she’s taken thus far. A content creator and style / lifestyle blogger on top of work and school (CallHerClassy), she offered a view into her WFH setup and preparation for evening classes before heading off to campus.

She described what education means to her, and got real about how much time it takes to make work, school and life happen. We had the unique opportunity to hear her describe the impact her studies have had on her career, and how she’s already been able to leverage them to advance in her career at a tech startup. If you’re on the fence about part-time studies, or starting to think about investing in your education [without the financial burden of paying tuition while pausing your current income], you don’t want to miss Katryna’s #MBAchicTakeover.

If you’re interested in learning more about why an MBA, about what student life is like as a fully-employed MBA at UC Irvine, and how to set yourself up for success at bschool, watch Katryna’s #MBAchicTakeover below.

#MBAchicTakeover – Katryna Ton shares a day in the life of a woman in tech and fully-employed MBA at UC Irvine

Thanks so much to Katryna for hosting our latest #MBAchicTakeover. We enjoyed hearing your reflections on your a fully-employed MBA experience. Thank you for inspiring, supporting and sharing with us… and good luck!

Call Her Classy Katryna Ton MBAchic

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