#MBAchicTakeover – Dr. Tiffany Mathias shares life as a doctor / managing director and Oxford MBA

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Joining from Orange County, California, Oxford MBA graduate Dr. Tiffany Mathias brought us to her new clinic, HavenMD. As she reflected on her MBA experience and what she gained out of combining her medical background with a degree in business, Tiffany offered words of wisdom for those in any industry considering the MBA: “I thought was going to go in as an almost physician, being [almost…] an odd egg… I was worried that I wouldn’t have a lot to connect on…. That couldn’t have been further from the truth.”

The Stanford- and Tulane-trained MD talked about what it was like to head to business school at the end of her medical school journey and how her friendships with classmates have encouraged her to be bold in the opening of her own medical practice in the middle of the pandemic. She reflected on how business school, even a shorter, one-year program Oxford’s Saïd Business School, allowed her the space to explore the business side of healthcare, listen to interesting lectures and talks at the Oxford Union, and travel throughout Europe and Africa, including a six-week stint at the WHO in Switzerland.

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Her current work at HavenMD combines her expertise in regenerative medicine with aesthetics and her offices in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley allow her to serve clients looking for medical spa treatments as well as more involved rejuvenation. Four months in, Dr. Mathias has been able to break even and run a profitable business, and has her training and business background to lean on to position HavenMD for even more growth.

If you’re from a “non-traditional” career path, with little or no business background, considering graduate school and not sure if the MBA is the route for you, tune in to Tiffany’s #MBAchicTakeover and see how her path as an MD and MBA unfolds.

#MBAchicTakeover – Dr. Tiffany Mathias shares life as a doctor / managing director and Oxford MBA

Thanks so much to Tiffany for hosting our latest #MBAchicTakeover. We truly enjoyed following along for the day and getting a look at what it takes to start a medical practice in the middle of the pandemic. Thank you for inspiring, supporting and sharing your MBA and career journey with us… and good luck!

Tiffany Mathias of HavenMD

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