#MBAchic Takeover – Lauren Fraser on part-time MBA life at John Carroll

Lauren Fraser shares part-time MBA life at John Carroll U

This week, Lauren Fraser shared part-time MBA life at John Carroll University’s Boler College of Business in Cleveland, OH. Lauren offered her insights into the MBA application process as Assistant Director of Mission-Based Scholarships (undergrad), described how she is building a network for female students, faculty and alumni on campus, and shared her finals week journey, complete with two pitch presentations. Additionally, she shared her advice on personal statements and some help on making your application stand out. She’s even continued answering the questions from her takeover in this write-up! Watch her #MBAchicTakeover and read her responses to more of your questions below.

Don’t miss Lauren’s #MBAchicTakeover if you’re interested in a part-time MBA and if you want to build something new while improving the lives of others. Be sure to follow her Instagram (@lofrase723), to stay updated on her business school and pitch competition journey!

MBAchic Takeover – Lauren Fraser shares part-time MBA life at John Carroll U
MBAchic Takeover – Lauren Fraser shares part-time MBA life at John Carroll U
  • What is your ideal job post-graduation?
    I am hoping to be involved with business development, storytelling, and/or ESG sustainability.
  • In the business world, who would you say has inspired you the most?
    1) Beth Mooney, CEO of KeyBank. When I met her, she shared her story of starting out as a secretary and working to the top with dignity and integrity in a male-dominated industry.
    2) Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, she is the CEO of the northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Soooo funny, engaging, creative, and passionate about her work.
    3) Mike Parks, CEO of the American Red Cross. He is the executive-in-residence for the fall semester. He told me, “Lauren, you have this incredible power and energy. Learn how to embrace it!” I’ve never felt more empowered… let alone by a man in a powerful position.
MBAchic Takeover – Lauren Fraser shares part-time MBA life at John Carroll U
  • Can you describe the transition to the MBA world after studying – and working in – other fields?
    • had to re-learn how to use a calculator – can’t just use Excel!
    • I’m grateful for the support of my friends and family. They understand that when I turn down social opportunities, it is not me not wanting to participate, but a sacrifice towards my dreams.
    • winter break is soon and I CANNOT wait to sleep
  • What is your favorite grassroots business and why?
    Rust Belt Riders (@rustbeltriders): Co-founder Dan Brown and I both presented at the PechaKucha this semester. He is incredibly passionate about steering the business community into more sustainable business practices in order to develop healthy soil, so the world can keep growing food. Look him up- and the UN sustainability goals!
  • What sets John Carroll’s business school apart from others that you considered?
    In my opinion, JCU set itself apart because of the mission statement, leadership development/mentoring opportunities, and the inspired business practices of the “triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.”

Thanks so much to Lauren for hosting our latest #MBAchicTakeover and for sharing part-time MBA life at John Carroll. We are excited for all that you will build, on campus, and off!

Lauren Fraser shares part-time MBA life at John Carroll U
MBAchic Takeover – Lauren Fraser shares part-time MBA life at John Carroll U

It was great seeing how part-time MBA studies fit into Lauren’s busy schedule, and at the same time she creates space to give back to her community. Now that you’ve had a chance to see and hear from Lauren, what about the part-time MBA experience surprises you? What questions do you still have? Reach out to Lauren on MBAchic and come join our community to learn more!

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    We share a name. My name is Burt Lorren Fraser (I know, I know, you spell your name incorrectly — LOL!!!)
    This website came up when I was doing a search on our name(s). Just thought this was awesome .

    Hope you did well in the MBA Program (I have one of those too).
    Be Smart
    Be Safe
    Burt Fraser

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