#MBAchicTakeover – Andrea González on Amazon, entrepreneurship & the FEMBA at UCLA Anderson

Andrea González, Amazon, entrepreneur, FEMBA at UCLA Anderson

Hailing from Mexico City, UCLA Anderson FEMBA candidate Andrea González took over MBAchic to share with us her MBA experience in Los Angeles, California, her recruiting journey to her internship at Amazon in Seattle, and her entrepreneurial ventures both in LA (Mind Foods) and at home in CDMX (Milee). She (and sidekick Zoey) brought us along to Amazon’s Seattle campus where we got a look at the many amenities and dog-friendly culture, and met her colleagues at lunch. Following her day and post-work soccer game, Andrea reflected on her journey to where she is today, offering insights and advice that anyone — ambitious professionals and MBA aspirants — would do well to tune in and see. Make sure you don’t miss her specific Amazon interview advice, as well.

If you’re considering an MBA but not sure if you can commit to the standard, full-time experience for two years, or you’re an international student trying to find your next opportunity here in the US, or you need some inspiration to kick off that entrepreneurial venture or side hustle you have in mind, don’t miss this. Andrea is someone you need to meet and if you missed her during our casual Zoom chats at the start of the pandemic, be sure to connect with her inside MBAchic. Tune in below and join MBAchic to continue the conversation with Andrea inside.

#MBAchicTakeover – Andrea González on Amazon, entrepreneurship & FEMBA at UCLA Anderson

Thanks so much to Andrea for hosting our latest #MBAchicTakeover. We enjoyed hearing your experiences and reflections from UCLA Anderson’s FEMBA to Amazon in Seattle, from MindFoods in the US and Milee in Mexico City. Thank you for sharing and helping to pave the way for those behind you!

Andrea González, FEMBA at UCLA Anderson

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