Self-Care Series Part 5: Mental Wellness in Business School and Beyond: VIDEO

Mental Wellness in Business School and Beyond

Mental Wellness has grown in popularity as a topic discussed on social media, in pop culture and more. But what about the hallowed halls of the business school campus? A place where your image, your brand, your ability to thrive and connect and do your best are at the top of your list? How are business schools doing in opening up and holding space for that conversation?

We spoke with Dr. Nina Vasan, the Harvard MD and Stanford MBA who serves as Real‘s Chief Medical Officer, about her own mental wellness journey and what attracted her to business after securing her MD. She shared with us advice and tips to use in our daily lives to support their mental wellness, and also let us in on a perhaps not-so-little secret: no one has it completely together. The vast majority of MBAs and ambitious people are struggling in some way, dealing with the words “should” and “supposed to” along their life and career, and while the past two years have shown us the value of honesty and vulnerability, there’s still plenty of ground to cover in normalizing talking about and getting help for our mental health and wellness.

Mental Wellness in Business School and Beyond with Real’s CMO, Dr. Nina Vasan, MD, MBA

How have you managed your own mental wellness and overall health while in business school? Share with us inside MBAchic!

Here’s a breakdown of our Self-Care Series:

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