3 floral design ideas to de-stress desk spaces

Casa De Flores Floral Design with Mariela Aguilar
Research shows that keeping plants and flowers in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration. 

Whether you work remotely, are hybrid, or back in the office, creating a calming, aesthetically beautiful desk area is one proven way to boost your mood, improve your presentation (in person or over Zoom) and even elevate your productivity. Research shows that the calming influence of natural environments increases a person’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature. 

Flower power

Mariela Aguilar knows a thing or two about the power of flowers. Since the age of 15, her sights were set on entrepreneurial success. As a young girl, Aguilar watched her mother gain fulfillment through selling flowers in their community, and it planted a seed of an idea, inspiring her early on to own a floral studio. With over 10 years of experience in the horticulture industry, she achieved her dream and founded Casa De Flores in 2019. 

Located in Brookshire, Texas, the family owned and operated floral design company is quite literally flourishing. Using fresh flowers, Mariela’s team believes in the power to transform spaces. While her company is usually busy filling large scale orders for brands and special events, we thought she could teach our community some of her floral success secrets. 

MBAchic sat down with this floral pro to learn three easy, practical approaches that anyone can use to create beautiful floral designs to brighten up any workspace. 

Floral arrangement #1: long lasting, easy and elegant

Monofloral arrangements are in right now. Stick with one color that brings a smile to your face, and go from there. For the first floral arrangement tutorial, Aguilar selects pink. “I’m making a very simple arrangement using the alstroemeria which is easily found in almost any floral section at your local grocery store or at your local florist,” says Aguilar. 

She says this flower is a great option for creating a simple, affordable arrangement that comes together in a snap, looks polished and requires minimal effort for beginners. Another benefit of using this specific type of flower is it is scentless, meaning floral fragrances won’t overwhelm or distract you or any neighboring team members.  

Floral arrangement #2: showstopper bud vase cluster

Just in the same way professionals dress to impress, flowers can often stand out simply because of the quality and beauty of the vessel they’re held inside. Presentation matters, and investing in a few quality vases that reflect your personality are essential to raising the bar for the flowers that dress up your desk. 

“My suggestion is to find some bud vases or a cluster of bud vases fused together, fill each segment up with water and it’s so easy to put together, you really can’t do this wrong,” Aguilar says. 

This effortless approach is bound to make you stop and smell the roses in between hectic jam-packed meetings. 

Floral arrangement #3: easy, elevated hydrangea bouquet

Okay, this arrangement comes together nearly as effortlessly as the first two, but it’s geared towards those who are ready to flex some of their creative muscles. 

“This is a really good base to create a more full arrangement, add some interesting flowers in there and consult your local florist,” Aguilar suggests. 

Another expert floral arrangement tip? Removal of all of the leaves that fall below the water line is essential to improve the longevity of the arrangement and prevent bacterial growth in the vase. 

Growing with an MBA

Currently on her own MBA journey, Aguilar will start at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business this fall and says as an entrepreneur, she already knows she stands to gain a lot from an MBA. 

“I am very excited to use the resources available at my program through both the coursework and the entrepreneurial centers to really help with the future of Casa De Flores,” she says. “I started this business for my family and it means a lot both to me and to them.” 

Be sure to tag MBAchic in the beautiful, bold arrangements you brighten up your workspace with, we can’t wait to see your creations.

Casa De Flores Team floral design

Photos from Mariela Aguilar & Casa De Flores

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