#MBAchicTakeover – Bri Taylor takes us to MIT Sloan’s Diversity Visit Day

Briana Taylor MIT Sloan's Diversity Visit Day

This week, MBA applicant Bri Taylor brought us along to experience MIT Sloan’s Diversity Visit Day in Cambridge, MA. As she shared her insights into the MBA application process and recounted her journey of introspection and preparation to this point, we got to see the MIT Campus, career development office workshops, student life discussions and see the Martin Trust Entrepreneurship Center. We learned about her experience with finding the best method for her to prepare for the GMAT, what surprised her most about the business school application process, and much more.

Don’t miss Bri’s #MBAchicTakeover if you’re interested in pursuing your MBA, deciding between a part-time or full-time degree, or if you’re someone who wants to invest in yourself, your education and career, and chase your goals. And be sure to follow her Instagram (@sincerelyrare) and YouTube channel (same username, but titled BSB: Business School Bound), to stay updated on her bschool journey!

MBAchicTakeover – Bri Taylor takes us to MIT Sloan’s Diversity Visit Day

Thanks so much to Bri for hosting our latest #MBAchicTakeover and for sharing her experience at MIT Sloan’s Diversity Visit Day. Best of luck, Bri! Here’s to earning acceptances to your dream programs, and then some!

Bri Taylor MIT Sloan's Diversity Visit Day
MBAchicTakeover – Bri Taylor takes us to MIT Sloan’s Diversity Visit Day

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