#MBAchicTakeover – Melina Flabiano shares life as founder of Keaton and Wharton MBA

Melina Flabiano Keaton Wharton MBA

This week, Wharton MBA (2019) Melina Flabiano (@melina_flabiano) shares life as Keaton‘s founder and Wharton MBA graduate. She offered her advice and experiences at Wharton and as a female founder in the retail space (@wear.keaton). Followers on Instagram got some tips on making the most of your experience and resources in business school, and we even got to check out The Perfect Pant by Keaton. (As a bonus for the MBAchic community, use promo code MBACHIC20 at checkout to save $20 on your first purchase!)

Don’t miss Melina’s #MBAchicTakeover if you’re interested in pursuing your MBA and if you hope to one day start your own business. She offers insights into resources for on-campus founders and how to find open roles at startups and companies that might fall outside of the typical on-campus recruiting processes.

Stay tuned for more from Melina and Keaton… can’t wait to see what’s next for them!


For more information on Keaton’s founder and Wharton MBA Melina, check out her Instagram and Keaton’s website.

Thanks so much to Melina for hosting our latest #MBAchicTakeover and for giving us such a great look at a day in the life as a female founder and Wharton MBA!

Melina Flabiano Keaton Wharton MBA
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