Get your online self right with our social scrub

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Get your online self right with our social scrub

So much of our lives have shifted completely online. Whether we are Zooming into conference calls, cruising LinkedIn for new roles, or pitching projects via text or email… for the foreseeable future, we live here now.

Think about it: when you’re reaching out to someone, or looking for your next opportunity, what is your digital presence saying about you? What do people see when they Google you to find out more? It can be tricky to manage, but we’ve put together this framework for you – dubbed the Social Scrub – to help you think through each platform to get your online presence right. Take some time during this quarantine period to run through all of it, and send your friends our way so we can help them out, too.

Things to consider

As you go through the Social Scrub, keep a couple of things in mind:

  1. What are your career & networking goals? How engaged do you want to be?
  2. How often can you update or contribute real insights to online discussions?
  3. Will you be responsive? Are you open to forging new relationships and partnerships within your industry and beyond?

This is meant to serve almost as a checklist or menu for each of the major platforms (including MBAchic). Based on how engaged you’d like to be, you can easily figure out how your profiles should look. As you strive for increased engagement, each row builds upon the previous one(s), and helps round out your entire online persona.

Stay tuned for upcoming “double click” sessions and articles that dig into each platform. Give yourself a few hours to run through them all, and be sure to reach out with questions.

The Social Scrub
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The Social Scrub 2020

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