Shortlisted at the Shorty Awards!

Shorty Awards Finalist Announcement MBAchic

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#MBAchicTakeover series won Finalists in the Shorty Awards for Social Good in the Education category

“If you see it, you can be it.”

As more women pursue their potential and move into the C-suite, business, government and society benefit. MBAchic focuses on making investing in education and careers — to propel them *into* those C-suites and positions — more accessible.

Finalists in the Shorty Awards!

The #MBAchicTakeover series offers a glimpse into what life is like as an MBA and how to navigate. We never know who will start GMAT prep or apply to a school they thought was out of reach because of something they connect with here. This series continues to grow with new hosts reaching out to join and each “episode” surpasses any and all expectations. The ability to humanize the business school experience and encourage women to apply to programs that might have been considered inaccessible or out of reach is a gift and we’re looking forward to share more hosts’ stories from around the world.

MBAchic is Finalist in the Education category of the Shorty Awards for Social Good! (MBAchic was nominated in Gender Equality and Education, and advanced in Education.)

Join us on Instagram and on LinkedIn. Similarly, you can connect with our hosts and with each other inside our Members area.

Congratulations to this team!

Thank you to the incredible hosts of our #MBAchicTakeover series, who share in our nomination and Finalist prize. Watch their takeovers below!

It’s an honor to collaborate and have you share your experiences with us all. Thank you and congratulations!

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Shorty Awards Finalist Announcement MBAchic

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