#MBAchicTakeover – Sam Aberman shares a day in the life of a performer in Hamilton and fully-employed MBA at UCLA Anderson

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A performer for most of her life, UCLA Anderson fully-employed MBA candidate Sam Aberman has often allowed her passions to lead her in her career journey. From fitness to food and beverage, law to business and back to performing, the Hamilton: An American Musical cast member started her MBA while living and working in Chicago. (She was in the Hamilton Chicago cast before moving back to Los Angeles as a member of the Hamilton LA cast.)

Sam started her day by answering questions from the MBAchic community about business school, why the MBA now, performing and making it all work, and then it was time to head backstage. She showed what a Saturday at the theater looks like, combined with finals week. We got a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put together eight shows a week, and how she fits in bits of studying and work throughout the day (bonus for HamFam everywhere: comment below with the Hamilton tracks you’re able to hear in her videos).

Hamilton: An American Musical in Los Angeles

She reflected on her varied career and why she decided on the MBA, and what the experience has meant to her so far, and shared her entrepreneurial journey as part of BCO. BCO, or Business Creation Option, is a capstone project option that students have (in lieu of a dissertation) to create a business and step through the entire process. While a formal launch is not required, the experience is meant to take you through the stages and allow you to run with a new business as you prepare to graduate. She shared the stages (and pivots) of her group project and new venture, called ESSO (a spiked espresso drink; follow their journey here!).

Before wrapping, she recalled how meaningful this investment in her education has been, what she’s learned, how it has introduced people and experiences she wouldn’t have otherwise encountered, and what she’s most excited about next.

If you’re from a “non-traditional” career path (whatever that means, in the year 2022), considering graduate school and not sure if business is the route for you, tune in to Sam’s #MBAchicTakeover, and get ready to follow her entrepreneurial and performing ventures to come.

#MBAchicTakeover – Sam Aberman shares a day in the life of a performer in Hamilton and fully-employed MBA at UCLA Anderson

Thanks so much to Sam for hosting our latest #MBAchicTakeover. We truly enjoyed following along for the day and getting the BTS look at what it takes to perform in eight times a week in the show that changed theater forever. Thank you for inspiring, supporting and sharing your MBA and career journey with us… and good luck!

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